Latin Songs

On this page I present all of my Latin language cover songs. I am the one singing, and I produce the music using Garage Band.  First I list my Beatles covers, then miscellaneous other songs. My most popular cover so far is my version of Jingle Bells, which has 194,000 views on Youtube and gets multiple streams on Spotify daily. Also popular is my cover of Adele's Hello, which has 172,000 views.

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Here Comes the Sun


From Me to You
With a Tribute to Eddie O'Hara

A Latin Language Version of the Beatles' "Hello - Goodbye"

A Latin Language Version of the Beatles' song "And I Love Her."

A Latin Language Version of Do You Want to Know a Secret?


A Latin Language Version of "Do you Want to Build a Snowman?"

Catullus 5

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Latin Version of Auld Lang Syne

Adele's "Hello"

Annie's Song (Carmen Annae)

Jingle Bells in Latin

Veni Veni Emmanuel

Gaudeamus Igitur!

A Latin Language Version of the Bread Song "If"

The Latin Verb Song

The Latin Noun Song

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