Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Selected Posts on Many and Various Topics

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William Shakespeare's Involvement in the King James Version of Psalm 46: New Evidence.

Tempus Fugit, Time Flies: And it's all Your Time.

My Semi-Scientific Theory on Why we have Chins.

The "Mass Reading" Method of Learning Languages.

A Proposed Solution to the "STENDEC" Mystery

Teaching is More Stressful then Serving in a War Zone?

Finding the Holy Grail: Part One, What was the Holy Grail?

Finding the Holy Grail: Part Two, Where is the Holy Grail Now?
The Sword of Julius Caesar.

The Lost Last Words of Julius Caesar.

A Veterans' Day Reflection by a Non-Veteran.
When did World War III Begin and When will it End?

The Earliest Invention of "Art."

When You've Only Got a Hundred Years to Live.

Wind Chill: It's Not Just a "Feeling."

Pontifex Maximus: Longest Held Office in Human History?

Persistence and Practice: the Keys to Success.

That's What She Said: Evidence for a Female Origin of Human Language.

The Most Memorable Birthday of My Life.

The Meaning of Life.

The Common Sense Way to Stop Leaks at the NSA.

Why a Magnesium Supplement will help you sleep better.

What happened to the Last Roman Emperor?

Reconstructing the Proto-Human Language.

Could the verb "to fart" prove the existence of Proto-Human language?

An Account of my Lucid Dreaming.

Arlyn Fuerst, the Greatest Teacher I Ever Had.

Wait, Moses had Horns?

King David: The Original Guitar Hero-the meaning of the "Hebrew" word Selah.

IN THE BEGINNING: Correcting and Ancient Typo in the Second Verse of the Bible.

The Origin of the word "Tavern."

A Latin Origin for the Romanian Word DA (Yes).

A Latin Literature Controversy--Solved.

The Artistic Motif of Women Reading.

The Hapless Poet Catullus--Totally Played by his Girlfriend.

The Shahada: Turning Pre-Islamic Polytheism on its head.

What is Vergil's Most Familiar Verse?

A new Interpretation of "The Manger."

The Three Wise Men were Arabs. And this was in the Bible All Along.

Were Arthur and Mordred really Enemies? A Textual Study of the Oldest Evidence.

A Proto-Romance Inscription Hiding in Plain Sight?

No Laughing Matter: Islamic Traditions in Our Culture.

A July 4th Reflection: God Bless Our Imperfect Union.

What's Afoot in John 13:1-17? Thoughts on the Holy Thursday Foot Washing.

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