Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Fun and/or Funny Videos and Posts

Enjoy these and understand,
I do not take myself too seriously in them

My PhD Thesis, turned into a music video.

That time four bears walked through my back yard. [Warning, mild profanity.]

My Gripping Account of my First 200 Game in Bowling

Humorous Bathroom Signs around the World.

That time we tried to smuggle frozen meat into Romania.

The next time we tried to smuggle frozen meat into Romania.

I'm a former NSA agent, and here I share anecdotes from my time inside that Top Secret Agency.

A recitation of the humorous Christmas poem "The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus," by Ogden Nash

The Many Travels of My Outrageous Shirt

Is this the smallest ever catch on a fish hook?

Eating baby eels in Madrid.

That time I won a thousand dollar prize in a Paper Airplane Contest!

A Big Mac Special Sauce Taste Test.

My failed attempt to get a side of extra special sauce for a Big Mac in both Romania and Amsterdam.

A Review of the "Grand Mac" Sandwich.

A Review of the "Mac Jr." Sandwich.

A Classic Wisconsin Sven and Ole Joke.

Another Joke: the Story of the Norwegian Sea Captain
Let's expand Daylight Saving Time!

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