Friday, June 27, 2014

The Many Travels of My Outrageous Shirt

I have a favorite shirt. It's a curious type of plaid made up of pink, purple, white, and well, I think about every other color as well.

I discovered today, while going through my pictures, that I just happened to have been wearing it when my wife and I visited some famous places over the course of the last few years.

Here's my shirt when I visited the Acropolis in Athens in 2012.
And I sure loved wearing that shirt in Jerusalem in 2011!

Here I am sporting my favorite shirt in Rome and drinking a beer in 2006! 


The beautiful medieval city of Prague was graced by my shirt in 2009.


Even though I've visited Castel Bran (Dracula's Castle) in Romania a number of times, I wore my shirt there in 2013!


Sadly, I apparently visited London, Paris, and Istanbul without wearing that shirt. What a lost opportunity...  

Here I am in Iraq, ten years ago, wearing a gun and a different shirt altogether.  (This pic has been added merely to elicit patriotic sympathy and support for the shameless product plug you're about to see. I sure hope it worked.)
So, as long as we're on the subject of shirts, here's the t-shirt idea that I still think should have made me a million dollars. Iguanodon likes this. Get it? It's the dinosaur with a permanent thumbs up. Facebook? 

C'mon, this is freaking hilarious! Click on the products to go to Zazzle. You can change between dozens of women's and men's styles, change the sizes, colors, anything you want. I've even got a coffee cup version.

Perhaps your tastes incline to things classical and linguistic. Well, have I got shirts for you! 

After I risked my life in Iraq, for which service someone might consider buying a t-shirt to say thanks, I became a Latin teacher.

That's right, I went from being a Top Secret government agent at the NSA to being a public school teacher. And since I made this transition, both vocations have somehow become public enemy number one! 

Anyway, I've made a number of designs on Zazzle that a Latin or ancient history enthusiast would love to own and wear.

Here's a nice one to show your love of Latin:

I've also got a number of shirts that feature important Latin quotes:

To explore the numerous other quotes I've made shirts for, as well as my many other products, visit my Zazzle store!

Again, you can change the t-shirt style, sizes, and colors of all these when you purchase.
Finally, lest I be accused of only self-promotion, here's a fun and clever design a friend of mine made. Get it? Shaykh Zubayr? Shakespeare? She has this available for shirts, coffee cups, and other items.

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