Thursday, February 2, 2017

Big Mac Superfan Keith Massey Reviews the Mac Jr.

Last week, January 20, McDonald's premiered the two new sizes of the Big Mac with a special promotion wherein 10,000 people received special edition bottle of Big Mac special sauce. Even though sadly I did not live anywhere near a restaurant where I could have gotten one, I still had to try one of the new sandwiches on the first day it was available. And I posted my review of the Grand Mac that day.

Today, I went back to experience the Mac Jr. My order included, of course, my typical order of large fries, which I ate on the way home. Those were a tad salty this time, but I finished them. At home I had the four piece nuggets with Sweet and Sour sauce. And then, I turned my attention to the main event.

The Mac Jr. is a Big Mac, but without the second patty and middle bun.

As is my custom, I got a side of extra Special Sauce for it, but I admit that it was not entirely necessary. By the nature of the proportions, it would have been fine with what Special Sauce it had. In other words, in the future, were I to get a Mac Jr. I would still order a side of extra Special Sauce but then save it for some other food item.

My verdict is simple. If you enjoy a Big Mac, you'll like a Mac Jr. just fine.

I mean, why wouldn't you? It's the same flavors, just a little less food. 

But the experience of having the supersized version and now the smaller version leaves me ultimately just all the more enamored with the regular, the original Big Mac. Afraid that having just a Mac Jr. might now be enough, I also got a regular, which I ate afterwards. 

It was like that feeling, after days away, of sleeping again in your own bed. The familiar flavors, in the familiar proportions, is a sublime experience.

In the final analysis, I will likely have a Grand Mac again from time to time, if I were at McDonald's and I were particularly hungry and it had been awhile since I had one.  There's not really an occasion in which I would get a Mac Jr. again simply because the regular is not so much bigger that I would opt merely to be snacking on Big Mac flavor.

 Okay, McDonald's, there's only one thing left. Give me yet one more reason to come into your restaurants regularly by making bottles of Special Sauce available for purchase there! Make it so. Make it soon...

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