Thursday, January 26, 2017

Big Mac Superfan Keith Massey Reviews the Grand Mac

I consider myself a Big Mac Superfan on the grounds that:

1) I've made an entire video about the problem of getting a side of extra Special Sauce in Europe.

2) As a Latin teacher, I made a video in which I simultaneously eat a Big Mac and describe how you would say the iconic ingredient list in Latin.

3) I made a video in which I tested the hypothesis of whether you could successfully freeze and reheat a Big Mac (you can!).

I had read with great interest that McDonald's was test marketing a smaller and larger version of the Big Mac in various areas. And I read with enormous delight the news that on January 26 (today), these new sandwich options were available nationwide.

And so, I had to try one on the very first day possible.

I was deeply disappointed that I do not live anywhere near one of the participating restaurants that gave out bottles of Special Sauce today as a promotional for this rollout.

I am encouraged by words from the young man taking my order this afternoon, to the effect that their restaurant expects a shipment of bottles of Special Sauce next week. This may suggest that McDonald's is poised to offer Special Sauce for sale imminently.

And if that happens, just imagine the things you will be able to eat! Instead of ketchup and relish, a Big Mac hotdog! Instead of other dressing, a Big Mac salad! For a snack, I could be eating celery sticks, dipped in Mac Sauce!

Anyway, back to the Grand Mac. So, I ordered large fries, a four piece McNuggets, a Grand Mac, and a side of extra Special Sauce. 

I ate my fries on the drive home, then, at home, ate the nuggets. I then readied myself for the new Grand experience.

I put the extra Special Sauce on the bottom of the top bun. 

I have to say, I noticed immediately that the Grand Mac is a very different experience than a regular Big Mac. After years of eating and savoring a regular Big Mac, the Grand Mac was a very distinct set of textures and flavor ratios. In other words, it is not simply a bigger Big Mac. It's a sandwich in its own right. 

The larger beef patties gave one the sense that you were eating a hamburger such as you would get at a cookout, only with the flavors of a Big Mac infused within it, but a little less pronounced than a regular Big Mac.

Being from Wisconsin, I especially enjoyed the savory sensation and flavor of two slices of cheese, which certainly asserted themselves in every bite.

I ate my way around the bun, which is my eating style. And as I finished the circuit, I realized, I was still holding in my hands something the same size as a regular Big Mac. The eating of the middle was a continued new exploration of heartier meat portions and Mac flavors.

In conclusion, the Grand Mac is a sandwich I will definitely order again. It's big enough that I will likely in the future either get smaller fries or skip the nuggets when I get it. 

I will also still get the regular Big Mac again in the future, even though the Grand Mac is available. The familiar ratios and experience of a regular Big Mac will continue to have a special place in my heart and my stomach.

At some time in the near future I will order and review the Mac Jr., the smaller version of the Big Mac. But until then, today was a glorious day to be a McDonald's fan...

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