Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Saving Time 2.0

We all love gaining an hour of sleep in the Fall, as we did on Saturday night. But we hate losing that hour in the Spring.

So here's my proposal. We can treat ourselves weekly to a dramatic expansion of the daylight saving time bonus in the following way.

Sunday night, we set our clocks back an hour. Sounds good, huh? I just gave you an extra hour of sleep before you have to face your Monday morning.

Now, Monday night, same thing. Set your clocks back an hour. You loved it the previous night and you find it's just as sweet the following day.

Tuesday night, set them back. Wednesday night as well. And even Thursday night, set the clock back for an extra hour of sleep.

Now, obviously we can't leave the clock five hours off kilter like that. So we regularize it. On Friday at noon, set the clock forward five hours. It's now 5 PM. Go home!

My plan gives you five extra hours of sleep and Friday afternoon off! There's nothing wrong with this plan!

Spread the word. Write Congress. Let's make this happen.

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