Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Place of Brightness - The Novel, Now Available on Kindle

On this blog, you can read the Continuing Adventures of Dr. Valquist, as he joins the NSA and is immediately thrown into international intrigue.

In the novel A Place of Brightness, you can learn the background story of how Dr. Valquist grew up and became the man of adventure he is today. It is available on Kindle and Nook.

From the dark time of Communist Romania down to present-day points across the globe, a family passes on the burden of their struggle against tyranny. Amidst a gathering storm of dangers and intrigue, they face the pains of their deep losses and celebrate the survival of love.

Stefan and Andrew Valquist had a strange childhood. Their mother, who claimed to have fought as an anti-Communist insurgent back in Romania, taught them everything she knew before her death. Now grown up and working as an Orthodox priest and a soldier, the brothers' world is shaken when they receive a message from an uncle they believed had been killed decades earlier. A trip back to their mother's homeland thrusts them into danger when they narrowly avoid death at the hands of mysterious assassins. Soon they are racing against time to stop an imminent attack on their ancestral home.