Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Requiescat in Pace

I had not followed this case at all. I vaguely recall back in 2008 reading about a missing girl and then a mother under suspicion. And since then, until this weekend, I just didn't follow it. But then, while waiting in our hotel room to go to my cousin's wedding, I watched the entirety of the Prosecution's closing statement.

Wow. I was sure convinced of her guilt.

Now, I didn't watch the Defense respond, didn't watch rebuttals, etc.

But I was before a television to watch the verdict read.

And I was certainly surprised.

But further reading and study has explained why this happened as it did.

That Casey Anthony was somehow involved in her daughter's death is admitted by the defense. They claim she (and her father) covered over an accidental death. My suspicion, to which I am entitled, for what it is worth, is that the truth was something else.

But that is different from being able to prove that she killed her daughter.

If something closer to a crime occurred, then our justice system has erred.

But it erred on the side of caution. As well it should.

Rest in Peace, Caylee. And may Perpetual Light shine upon you.