Friday, November 18, 2011

Paleo Salmon Patties!!!

The tradition of meatless Fridays is as old as the Didache (which probably does go back to the original Apostles).

Today, Friday, we're staying Paleo with some Paleo Salmon patties!
Now, the only thing non-Paleo about a traditional Salmon Patty is the bread crumbs or crackers you put inside them to give some consistency.

A convenient relatively low-carb replacement when a recipe calls for bread crumbs or crackers is to use almond flour. It's not zero carbs, but it's dramatically lower. And since the rest of the patty is pure fish protein and pure egg protein, those little carbs are meaningless.

Mix together:

Four cans of salmon

Three eggs

Four tablespoons Almond Flour

Ground pepper

Form them into patties and fry them in coconut oil.

We personally like to put some carmelized onions on top of them, and use Gold's
® Mild Horseradish sauce to give them a little more kick. Here's the result:

They were simply awesome!