Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paleo Shrimp Dinner!

By our Orthodox Tradition, we try to avoid meat on Wednesdays and Fridays. But as CrossFitters, avoiding protein entirely on any given day is just not good for health. Luckily, shellfish are not classified as meat in the Tradition, since they have no blood in them (not really true, but let's go with it).

So here's tonight's Paleo Shrimp Dinner. Note, all of these quantities are variable, depending on your taste.

Take three peppers. Clean and dice.
Take one large onion. Chop.
Fry peppers and onion together in a little bit of olive oil. I cook them in a large Wok which will later become the recipient of the other foods as well.
Set them aside.

Clean and steam or boil three large broccoli heads until soft. Set aside.

Take two pounds of shrimp (I use de-veined but uncooked, tail-on shrimp. I remove the tails and proceed). Cook until done (they'll turn a bright orange.

Now, you simply take the shrimp and broccoli and mix them together in the large Wok with the pepper and onion. The broccoli will basically reduce down to a paste around the rest of the ingredients.

We personally add some creamy goat cheese to this mixture. Remember that our
ancestors ate goat's milk for much longer than cow's milk, and as a result most people digest it very well. If you don't add any cheese, the meal will still be awesome.

Here's the meal, paired with a nice Gewurztraminer.