Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Tallest People in the World

Richard Steckel and Joseph Prince assert in their 2001 article "Tallest in the World: Native Americans of the Great Plains in the Nineteenth Century," that the Plains Indians specifically were in robust health and enjoyed a height advantage over every other people on the planet.

In my book Original Thin: the Paleo Diet in the Bible and Ancient Literature, I discuss how the Agricultural Revolution brought dietary health problems into the world. But here and there all the way down to the present day, some peoples avoided these problems. And it was no coincidence that the Plains Indians were so healthy. They ate a diet based on bison meat and what fruits and vegetables they could gather seasonally.

We know from archaeology that humans lost stature from the Paleolithic period into the Neolithic, when we started eating a diet based on grain. But hunter-gatherers like the Plains Indians kept eating as our ancient ancestors did. And that's why they were the tallest and healthiest people on the planet.

Doctors want you to believe that you need to avoid meat because it will give you higher cholesterol. So what animal did the cow eat that it got all that cholesterol in its body? We mammals make cholesterol! Eskimos eat nothing but meat and heart disease was unknown in their communities until they abandoned their traditional way of life.

If the data points to eating meat lowering cholesterol, why would your doctor tell you to not eat so much meat?

Well, what if he has a boat mortgage and what if he gets a kickback every time he gets someone to start taking a cholesterol lowering drug? (Did I just say that out loud?)

Don't just listen to me. Try the Paleo Diet. If your cholesterol goes up, then stop.