Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Versatility of the Paleo Diet

I was raised in Wisconsin on what was basically a traditional farmers' diet. (My parents came from farming stock, both in our Norwegian homeland and here in America.) And that meant that you needed four things to appear in the meal.

That was always:

1) Meat (Paleo awesome)
2) A Starch (Paleo forbidden)
3) A Vegetable (Paleo probable, depending)
4) A Desert (Paleo unacceptable)

Since turning Paleo, I've learned that dinner does not have to include so many things.

So here was dinner tonight. We went to our CrossFit Gym and had a great workout. We come home and I slice up two large onions. I get them frying in just a little olive oil. There's nothing more awesome than caramelized onions.

My wife wanted Salmon. So I get two fillets cooking for her. I want red meat, so I get a T-Bone steak broiling for me.

Fifteen minutes later, dinner goes on the plates. Here it is. And it was awesome: