Thursday, December 8, 2011

An English Muffin on the Fourth of July??!!!!!!!

That's apparently something that Fox News would consider an unacceptably unpatriotic food option. I base this on the fact that they considered it newsworthy that the President's daughters go to a school where the cafeteria menu had a Japanese Food Theme on the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

For the record, I risked my life for my country in Iraq in 2004. As for knowing exactly what date Pearl Harbor was attacked, I will admit to knowing it was in December. But I will also admit to not being able to keep the precise date in memory. That does not mean I don't love my country. It mean, rather, that the attack on Pearl Harbor is fading from significance in the same way that the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine happened.

Right now, reader, you tell me the date the Maine sunk. They knew that date for years afterwards. But I didn't know it today. And you don't know it. And that doesn't make us bad.

And the point is that the innocent person who planned that menu meant no disrespect to the men and women who died at Pearl Harbor.

And the implication that the President is less than patriotic because his daughters go to a school where that menu happened is simply despicable.

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  1. It wasn't even Japanese-themed, it was Asian-themed. Most of the dishes were not Japanese.