Monday, December 5, 2011

Paleo Taco Salad!

I love Mexican Food! And when, maybe just twice a year, I have a hankering for Non-Paleo Mexican, I have a cheat day at Taco Bell.

But on a weekly basis, we have what we call "Paleo Taco Salad."

And it's quite simple.

One head of lettuce, rip it up, wash it, spin it, put it in the fridge to await the meal.

One pound of hamburger. We also use Bison meat for this. Brown in a pan. Strain.

We have found a nice organic Taco Seasoning made by Simply Organic. If it's not available at your supermarket, you can order it on Amazon by clicking on the image.

 When the meat is all done, we serve it on top of a bed of the lettuce, with organic salsa, mexican cheese, and sour cream along side.

Here's the meal:

If you've been told that Paleo means you don't eat Dairy, at least watch my video on the topic.