Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scrambled Quail Eggs!

Paleolithic humans didn't raise birds for their eggs. But we, like many species, were opportunistic consumers of whatever eggs we could find. We probably didn't make a habit of climbing high into trees looking for the things. But birds like geese, ducks, chickens, and quail make their nests on the ground and were prime pickings for us.
So in the spirit of egg variety, I picked up a carton of quail eggs. I'd seen them for years and always wondered what they're like.

Here's eighteen quail eggs (the whole carton) ready to be whipped up.

I side it with bacon and put some caramelized onions atop.

 They taste perhaps a little lighter than a chicken egg, but virtually the same. I've not fully researched the matter, but quail eggs were considered medicinal in ancient cultures and they apparently do contain substantially better nutritional benefits than chicken eggs.

They only drawback was that cracking all those little eggs was a bit of a nuisance. But the final product was delicious.

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