Monday, July 9, 2012

Would Love to Watch Dallas But...

My wife and I both watched the original series. She watched it in Romania during Communist rule. I enjoyed it in the United States.

And we're loving the reboot on TNT! We're humble public school teachers, summering now in her native Romania. 
We settled in a few days ago, I go to load up the episode we missed on July 4th. We had watched a few of the episodes through the TNT website even before we left. We log on through our cable provider, Optimum Online. Once we logged on, we watched the episode at our convenience. Sure, it included commercials, but we were happy to watch them. (Do you hear that, Optimum Online and TNT [and your sponsors?])

Sorry, back to the story. I go to log on and the screen tells me "Video Not Available in Your Area." Again, the site knows I'm validly logged on. It states at the top "In Partnership with Optimum Online."

Now, it acknowledges that I am validly logged on with Optimum Online as a Cable Consumer who pays to see TNT at home. And even though I'm here in Romania, we haven't cancelled our cable subscription. For two months while I'm here, I'm still giving them my money.

The least I should get from that is the ability to watch Dallas while validly logged on!

This is a simple fix, TNT and Optimum Online (I don't know which one of you is actually responsible for this block, I suspect TNT). A person validly logged on to one of the American Cable Providers carrying TNT (such as I am) should be able to watch Dallas regardless of where their IP address says they are. Yes, I'm in Bucharest, Romania. But I've paid for the right to watch this show. Go ahead and block Dallas to people in Romania who haven't paid to watch it. I would fully understand.

I've just sent emails to both TNT and Optimum Online, hoping for some resolution to this issue. If you love Dallas or even accept the justice of the situation I have described, please forward this post (or twitter message on it). I hope to post a follow-on in the next few days about how TNT and/or Optimum Online resolved this issue.