Saturday, February 2, 2013

Learn Medieval Latin!

By Keith Massey, PhD Connect with me on Google+ and Twitter. Explore my novels at Lingua Sacra Publishing.

Although I teach Latin in a public high school, where the expectation is that the students learn the Classical Register towards the goal of eventually reading Vergil, I am a Medievalist at heart. I plan to eventually end my career as a Latin teacher with at least one year teaching in some place where I use the Ecclesiastical pronunciation and cover the chalkboard with all the theological and philosophical quotes that flood my mind.

And I've stumbled on just a terrific resource for anyone wanting to learn straightforward, Medieval Latin. Click here or on any of the images to explore this excellent resource.

It's a product of the UK National Archives. 

It's a full course in Latin, with fun and interactive exercises to practice what you're learning. But it's based on the Medieval register and Medieval (id est, ecclesiastical and theological) topics from the very beginning. I mean, you learn the nouns ecclesia and parochia before you ever see ancilla. Ah, Be Still My Soul.

By the time you finish this course, you can competently read the volumes of Medieval Latin that still lie largely untranslated in archives throughout Europe. And you also will have a foundation from which you can certainly then expand your talents into the Classical period. 

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