Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Very Satisfied Amazon Prime Member

By Keith Massey, PhD Connect with me on Google+ and Twitter. Explore my novels at Lingua Sacra Publishing.

I became an Amazon Prime Member some months back. I started my free trial because I wanted to  rewatch the Star Trek Next Generation episode The Inner Light. The Mom and Pop DVD rental store near us just went out of business, so we needed a way to watch movies. My wife and I decided to pay the 79 dollars a year to continue Amazon Prime Membership.

We've watched several movies for free as members. But the last few weeks we've been paying to watch the new releases as the Oscars approached.

Last Saturday night we watched Argo, the movie many had told me was the best picture of the year (they were right). To watch it in HD cost 4.98. Perfectly acceptable.

For just a few minutes within the first ten minutes of the movie, there was a problem with the signal transmission. We had plenty of signal band, but the movie was paused, displaying a buffering screen. The movie then started again, but a few moments later again there was a lag. I can accurately say that we spent perhaps three minutes in the first few minutes of the film waiting for the buffering to finish. Obviously we were a bit frustrated, hoping this wasn't going to continue for the whole movie.

It didn't. The problem stopped and for the next two hours we watched this incredible film with no problems whatsoever.

I received an email from Amazon today informing me that "we detected that you experienced poor video playback while watching the movie Argo." And they informed me that, for that reason, they have refunded me the 4.98. 

So I watched Argo for free with only a minor nuisance of buffering problems a few minutes early in the movie.

Thank you, Amazon. This is truly a first class company that knows that happy customers are long term customers. If you don't already have it, click here to begin your free trial of Amazon Prime Membership.