Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to Uzina Crossfit - Bucharest, Romania!

[Warning: Redshed Crossfit specific blog post. You're welcome to read it, but if you haven't drunk the Crossfit kool-aide, you might not enjoy the post.]

We're kicking ourselves that only a few days ago, a week before we fly home, we googled "Crossfit Romania" to see if maybe it has found its way here.

Adriana does KB's at Uzina
We find there's a box called "Uzina Crossfit Romania." Uzina means "plant" (as in a huge factory). Uzina is open for a structured one hour WOD, group warm-up, skills, and WOD four times a week.

Tonight we went and in spirit it was as if we walked into our beloved Crossfit home at the Redshed. 

Everyone in the room, more than a dozen athletes plus the two coaches, shook our hands and introduced themselves. 

They've got some very nice facilities, as you can see. The rubber floor will go down soon. While they wait for their weights to arrive (they're stuck in customs in a port on the Black Sea), they focus on what they can do in that place. Which is plenty. You've got all your body weight exercises, kettle bells, rings, and pull-up bars. 

Here's the WOD (Work Out of the Day). And just like the Redshed, I thought it didn't look so bad, until Adriana and I finished it dead last after all those kids! 

Perechi means "Pairs." This was a couple WOD, partition as desired, but only one partner works out at a time. 

And here's the whole group after the WOD. The man directly
in front of me is "Romanian Pat" (George). The woman at the far right with thumbs up is "Romanian Janine" (Didn't catch her name, will when we WOD again on Thursday). The guy in the white t-shirt I'm calling "Romanian Kieran" because he's a lot stronger than he looks. The guy with his shirt off is "Romanian Marc" because, well, if I looked like those guys, I'd always take my shirt off too.

Turns out, they run a deal where your first WOD there is free. Normal price is 10 lei per session (about 3 US dollars). I told the coach that we were so happy to have found the place that we insist on paying. She told me, that the free first WOD rule is absolute and she would not take my money. That's class.

Thank you so much, Uzina Crossfit, for making two Americans feel so at home. And that's what the spirit of Crossfit is all about. Looking forward to WODing with you all again on Thursday.