Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ancient History More Relevant Than Ever...

I am flabbergasted how a blog post I wrote about Spartacus brings a dozen people to my site every single day. There is obviously a hunger out there for a deeper knowledge of some outstanding people from the ancient world.

And that's because, I believe, people today are eager for answers about how to live our lives and find success. And some deep instinct tells us that lessons from the past remain ever relevant today.

And the History of Ancient Rome is chocked full of intriguing personalities worth learning from. Men such as Julius Caesar, Crassus, Cincinnatus, Fabius Maximus, not to mention enemies of Rome such as Zenobia and Hannibal. 

My undergraduate studies were in Classics (Latin and Greek), and I teach Latin today in a public high school. And I find myself constantly citing the stories of the past as examples for how to face the trials of today.

That's why I made an online Udemy course titled "Fortune Favors the Brave: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Success." I'm offering the course for free,  if you'd like to take it for free.

The course is available on a "Pay What You Will" scale, from free to full price ($29.00).  You can view an intro video about the course by clicking on the price link of your choice. (If you decide on a different pay scale, just click out and make a new selection.)

Full Price - $29.00
Discounted - $19.00
Discounted - $9.00
Discounted - Free

If you take the course at the free or discounted rates and decide you want to thank me/support me, you can always purchase one of my books. And the perfect add-on to a course about ancient history is my espionage/adventure/time-travel novel set in Ancient Rome.

In Saecula Saeculorum tells the story of four young people who are unwittingly trained for a mission back in time to save the world. 

In Saecula Saeculorum is the perfect novel for anyone who has ever studied Latin because the heroes who go back in time have to speak it. Don't worry, if you've never taken Latin you'll follow the action just fine, because I always make it obvious what they're saying. But you'll also come away knowing some Latin, which is never bad, right? And if you've studied Latin, this is obviously the perfect novel for you.

Four high school Latin students are on a mission back in time to save the world. If they pull this off, they're making some demands. Mr. President, we want a Prom!

They've got all the typical worries of teenagers. Grades and romance top the list of their dramas. But their last four years have been a lie. They thought they were in high school, but they were actually being trained in a joint NSA/MI-6 mission to go back in time to save the world!