Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grammar Lessons from the Latin Version of "And I Love Her" (Et Eam Amō)

My Latin Language Version of the Lennon-McCartney song "And I Love Her" (Et Eam Amō) is officially released. After the video, I include a description of the grammatical points worth knowing that occur in the song. Enjoy!

Direct Object and Indirect Object

I give her all my love,

omnem amorem meum eī dō

NB: the dative singulars of is and ea (to him/to her) are both .

Future Less Vivid Conditional Construction

Both clauses have present subjunctive for a "should-would" conditional:

And if you saw my love

Et si amantem meam videās

You'd love her too.

Eam amēs quoque tū

Neuter Antecedent for Relative Clause

The kiss my lover brings,

Basium quod fert amans mea

She brings to me,

Ea fert mihi

Indirect Statement Introduced by Verb of Knowing

I know this love of mine

Sciō hunc amorem meum

Will never die

numquam morī