Thursday, August 8, 2013

Resources to Learn Some Basic Spanish

After I had learned Latin, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Arabic, I came to the conclusion that it just made no sense for me to claim to be a linguist on any level and not speak functional Spanish.

And so I did something about it. I studied hard and achieved my goal. This was made easier because I had developed, over the years, a list of the words I consider to be the crucial first foundation of vocabulary one should learn when acquiring a language. And the ability to speak Spanish has enriched my life in innumerable ways.  

I make my list available to you for free, if you'd like it for free, in my course "The Massey Method: Learn Spanish from a Former NSA Agent." It's hosted on Udemy (and they created the somewhat controversial title). 

I've divided my list of important vocabulary and phrases into five phases of study, starting from the most basic and working up to an intermediate level. 

As I said, this is a vocabulary based course available on a "Pay What You Will" scale, from free to full price. You can view an intro video about the course by clicking on the price link of your choice. (If you decide on a different pay scale, just click out and make a new selection.)

Full Price - $29.00
Discounted - $19.00
Discounted - $9.00
Discounted - Free

My list works well enough that I was able to master Arabic well enough to be hired as an Arabic linguist at the NSA after 9/11.  I later taught myself Romanian (to speak with my Romanian mother-in-law). And I'm now a Level A Certified Interpreter for both Arabic and Romanian for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

If you take the course at the free or discounted rates and decide you want to thank me/support me, you can always purchase one of my books. And the perfect add-on to the Spanish course is an engaging novel I've written which is a combination espionage/adventure/learn basic Spanish novel. 

As you read Next Stop-Spanish, you learn alongside a young man who is on a trip to Spain with his former NSA Agent uncle (or is he just under some deep cover?). As frequently happens with former NSA Agents, they are pulled into the world of international intrigue! The book follows the same word list as the course, until the young man will finally have to use the Spanish he's learned to save the day in a dire emergency.  It's available in paperback and Kindle. Click on the image for more details.