Monday, January 13, 2014

Learn Conditional Sentences - A Latin Version of "If" by the Group Bread (written by David Gates)

The beautiful song "If" by Bread (written by David Gates) just happens to contain four different types of conditional sentences. This makes it ideal for a Latin translation/music video, accompanied by a tutorial video.

Here is my Latin language version of "If." I sing and produced the background music using Garageband.

Here is my tutorial video on conditional sentences. 

Here is the script of my translation:

Si pictura mille verborum pingit
If a picture paints a thousand words

Cur non possum te pingere?
Then why can't I paint you?

verba numquam monstrabunt
The words will never show

te quam cognovi.
the you I've come to know. 

si facies mille navium deduxit
If a face could launch a thousand ships

quo ire debeo?
then where am I to go?

nemo praeter te domi est
There's no one home but you

et es sola quae mihi manet.
you're all that's left me too. 

et ubi arescit amor meux vivendi 
And when my love for life is running dry

venis et fundis te ipsam in me.
you come and pour yourself on me.

 si vir simul in duobus locis esse posset, 
 If a man could be two places at one time,
tecum essem.
I'd be with you.

cras et hodie
Tomorrow and today

iuxta te usque.
beside you all the way.

si terra desinat revolvi,
If the world should stop revolving,

volvans lentius mori
spinning slowly down to die

tecum finem agam
I'd spend the end with you

et ubi terra finiat
and when the world was through

exstinguantur singulatim omnes stellae
and one by one the stars would all go out

tantummodo avolemus ego et tu.
then you and I would simply fly away .