Thursday, August 14, 2014

Made in Wisconsin: Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub? The sweet and sensitive actor that captured our hearts in the show Monk? He's from Wisconsin?

Why, yes he is! Mirabile dictu, Tony Shalhoub was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He got his start in drama by acting in a school play at Green Bay East High School.

The show Monk was pure brilliance. A detective with uncanny powers of observation and deduction, who simultaneously was laboring under a severely debilitating obsessive compulsive disorder. 

My wife and I watched this show live weekly. We mourned the end of this series, because it meant we didn't get to spend time with our beloved Adrian Monk any more.

He was hilarious in Galaxy Quest, as well. Blessings upon you, Mr. Shalhoub.

Keith Massey was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He has his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biblical Hebrew, with a minor in Arabic. After 9/11, he served as an Arabic linguist at the NSA. He is currently a Latin teacher at a public high school in New Jersey.

Keith is the author of Intermediate Arabic for Dummies. His fiction novels follow the adventures of Andrew Valquist, roughly patterned after himself--a man born and raised in Wisconsin who gets pulled into the world of international intrigue. 

Keith's novels are A Place of Brightness, Amor Vincit Omnia: An Andrew Valquist Adventure, Next Stop: Spanish, and In Saecula Saeculorum.