Sunday, March 29, 2015

April, May, and June Can Change Our Lives: The Three Month Productivity Plan of the Ancients Begins!

Join me on a Three Month Campaign of Personal Productivity!

Me, in Iraq, in 2004
Join me and others in an April, May, and June running of the Three Month Productivity Plan of the Ancients, described
in my course Fortune Favors the Brave!

I discovered this plan while serving in Iraq in 2004. After three months of incredible productivity, I found that it was harder to maintain my progress once back in America. And my research explained why.

To help people participate,
I've made the entire section of my course on this plan available for free.  Learn about the plan and then get ready to make positive changes to your life in just three months' time!

Using the Three Month Productivity Plan of the Ancients, you really can endure three months of intense effort, provided you know that after those three months, you will get a respite. 

I've decided I need to embark yet again on a very formal and intentional period of Three Months of effort in order to simultaneously finish some long standing projects and improve my language skills. 

And I invite you to join me on this campaign with your own plan for personal betterment. Knowing that others are enduring this with you at the same time will help all of us to stay on track with our individual goals. 

Our Three Month Campaign will start on April 1st and end on June 30th. For information on how to join or if you have any questions, email me at the address provided below.

Your campaign can be anything you choose. Perhaps it's starting to learn a new language or a new commitment to exercise and/or weight control. Maybe it's finally writing that novel you've outlined in your mind or anything else of meaning to you for your personal enrichment.

If you decide to join me in this adventure, I will share with you the details and goals of my own Three Month Plan and I'll be interested in learning about your goals as well. If you have an idea for your campaign and would like suggestions on what exactly to attempt each day, I'd be happy to give you my advice.

I'll be regularly hosting a Google Hangout for people to meet others in the campaign and give each other moral support. If you're not comfortable with a Hangout, we can still encourage each other by sharing updates on our progress through messages in the course or email.

Just think, three months from now, if you have devoted a significant amount of time to your goal on a nearly daily basis, you will have an amazing outcome! It seems like a long time, but it's really not. We will get through those three months together--one day at a time--by encouraging each other to stay the course.

I've added a downloadable calendar as a resource for our April 1st to June 30th Campaign. You can find it under “Additional Resources.” I have found that checking off the day from a physical calendar gives one a gratifying feeling of accomplishment. And soon you will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel as the checked-off days accumulate.

Again, email me at the address below and I will send you information on when the Google Hangouts will meet and how you can prepare yourself to embark on Three Months of effort toward your own definition of personal success and enrichment. 

And please feel free to invite interested family and friends to join us, even if they have not taken the course Fortune Favors the Brave. Have them email me at  
keith [at sign]keithmassey[dot] com 
and I will send them all the information they need. No purchase will be necessary.

We are just a few days from the beginning of the Adventure! I hope to hear from you soon!