Monday, November 2, 2015

Milo of Croton--A Model for Crossfit...

Making the rounds in Crossfit Circles for a number of years has been the story of Milo of Croton picking up a bull calf at infancy and then picking it up every day until it was fully grown, an apparent lesson in the ability to incrementally increase weight lifts until they are extraordinary.

Milo of Croton is essentially an ancient Greek Paul Bunyan. He is very probably an historical person around whom incredible tales of physical prowess collected.

Very interesting to me is the story of how he met his demise. Milo reportedly came upon a tree trunk split into wedges. When he inserted his hands to split them, they somehow shifted and crushed his hands, trapping him. Unable to escape, he died, devoured by wolves.

It's the ultimate tale of hubris followed by dike, judgment.

There was very likely a great athlete named Milo from Croton. However he met his end, rest eternal upon his soul.