Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why Diesel Deserves the Legion of Honor...

A faithful police dog named Diesel gave her life in the efforts to thwart a follow-on attack to the Paris Attack of November 13, 2015.

I feel the dog should be awarded the Legion of Honor. She was the only fatality of an impressive operation that stopped a terror cell poised to attack in a similar fashion.

The United States Government holds as official policy that animals cannot receive military awards.

And this rule was created after it had already happened on at least two occasions. Importantly, the rule excluding any future military awards to animals did not retroactively strip the awarded animals of their honors. It only stated that it should not ever happen again in the future. I disagree.

Sergeant Stubby

The first highly decorated dog in US Military History is Sergeant Stubby. He is thus called because he was apparently actually given rank in the fog of World War I. This animal was wounded numerous times in battle and was awarded in the field with the "Wound Stripe," the predecessor of the Purple Heart.


Chips was a dog who served in World War II and distinguished himself during the invasion of Sicily. For initiative, gallantry, and injury in combat, this dog was awarded in the field the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, and the Purple Heart.


Quite unofficially, a dog that served in Afghanistan and was injured in the line of duty was given a purple heart by a soldier who had earned two. Is that valid? Does that mean that the dog has a Purple Heart? I would say someone with two Purple Hearts can validly pass one to a worthy recipient.

At the end of the day, well trained animals like Diesel serve us humans with loyalty and distinction. And in the case of Diesel, they have served us unto their deaths.

This faithful police dog obeyed orders that day and rushed into the danger. This faithful police dog gave her life. She deserves the Legion of Honor from a grateful nation.