Friday, January 1, 2016

Amazing Latin Learning Resources: LatinPerDiem

Anyone interested in learning Latin (or Greek) needs to know about the website

This site is the work of Dr. David C. Noe, Associate Professor of Classics at Calvin College. The concept here is that Dr. Noe presents important passages from across the entire spectrum of Latin literature in engaging tutorial videos lasting no more than four minutes.

Here is a representative video showing you the style and concept, the beginning of Caesar's Gallic Wars:

I adore the fact that the site draws upon samples from the entire spectrum of the Classical world and the Christian medieval and renaissance eras. 

The site launched just six months ago and already has a staggering number of videos in the inventory. Prof. Noe also features some Greek passages from St. John Chrysostom and Homer, which I plan to make extensive use of to recharge my flagging ancient Greek.

Visit to begin learning from this very valuable resource.