Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meet the Artist - Vladimir Volegov: 2015, Part 2

I continue my exploration of the works of Vladimir Volegov, a master of color, light, and perspective. I will describe the salient points of his works, always providing in the image a direct link to the artist's website for that work, in case you would like to purchase a print or poster.

The Meeting with Autumn

A classic Volegov, the apparent focus of the scene is the leaf, displaying a color not otherwise seen. Indeed, the focus is further highlighted by the fact that the woman is gazing upon it in contemplation. But as we linger in the image, we see a pathway our mind wants to explore, as well as the modest and beautiful woman herself. This is a scene of serenity and peace.

Golden Silk of Leaving Summer

It is a scene immediately provocative as our eyes are drawn to the bare left shoulder, the strap having fallen. But as we further digest the image, we see that she looks off to her right from within shadows falling on her upper body, while her lower body is bathed in bright sunlight. Is she looking at that book? Actually, can she even see it from her perspective? The flow of her hair implies tresses down her back that we cannot see. Volegov contrasts the lavender of her top, flowing into the whiteness of her skirt, set upon the blue of the fabric upon which she sits.

Sunset at Sardinia Coast

I notice that the "focus" of a Volegov is not ordinarily dead center in the picture. She is a splash of color, interested in something on the ground to her left. But there is nothing there to catch our eye.

Amsterdam: Moments

Most of Volegov's works have a woman as the subject in some setting. The occasional landscapes in his repertoire are therefore worthy of study. He tends to be more impressionist when there is not a human in the image. But yet the scene seems to shift between impressionism and photo-realism.

Enjoying Amsterdam

Again, the subject is off center, looking at something of interest we cannot see. The river forms a path into the horizon. Lovely.

Woman in Love

This is a very important piece. The artist himself has this picture as the main banner of his Facebook page, showing his own pride in it.

Even if we did not know the title, we would know the subject matter. Her head is back in abandon, her eyes closed in wonder. The woman's body is stretched upon the bed so as to almost pull her breasts, symbols of her sexual desire, into our view. Her hand rests upon her body, not exactly in self-pleasure, but certainly in contemplation of her longing.

The One Who Creates Dreams

Volegov does not paint many nudes. This is an exquisite and tasteful presentation of the female form. Typical of his style, there is an element of color in the picture that momentarily draws our attention. but his actual subject, set slightly off center, is the real focus. She is serenely beautiful, her bare breasts caressed by the shadows in the scene, her hips hugged by an iridescent fabric.

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