Saturday, July 16, 2016

Artists of Wisconsin: Robin Jebavy

Robin Jebavy
As someone in awe of artistic talent (which I don't possess) and a Wisconsinite, I want to highlight artists in my home state.

Meet Robin Jebavy. Her works are visually stunning and show a mastery of color and symbolic forms. Please visit her website to see more of her art and learn more about her.

I could not describe her artistic intentions better than she does herself on her website. Robin Jebavy's works:

"call to mind elements of cathedral interiors, suggesting their stain glass windows, massive architectural supports, fine ornamentation, and decorative flourishes, as she builds nearly symmetrical, altar-like spaces that are at once intimate, domestic, banal, and monumental, metaphysical, and transcendental."

Here are a few representative examples of her considerable talent.

Sun King
 This is an earlier work, showing her interesting use of color and remarkable symmetry.

Master Seer

 A hint of an anthropomorphic presence in a splash of engaging shapes and colors.


 A glorious and playful use of bright colors against a muted background.

Untitled, Oil on Canvas
Displaying photo-realistic talent, an atypical asymmetrical work. The depth in distance displayed in this painting is astounding.

J.S. Bach's Orgain

 Spectacular. And I'll leave you with several others to contemplate.

Outdoor Wedding

Blue Still Life

Red Still Life

Golden Spectrum

Joy of Life