Monday, March 6, 2017

Upate on my Progress Learning Russian

It's Monday of the Second Week of Lent. I have a forty-five minute commute each direction. And I've been listening to a set of dialogues in Russian I burned onto a CD. I have also been daily reviewing all the vocabulary in Phase One of my language learning program.

I feel that my ear is getting tuned to the cadences of Russian and I find myself understanding the dialogues more and more.

Yesterday the Patriarchal Parishes of Russia in America had a Mission Service and Deanery Meeting. Despite being ordained a Deacon for less than two months, I was somehow the "Senior" Deacon in attendance, meaning I was in charge of the Great Litany and stood by the presiding Priest throughout the service.

I heard a lot of Russian spoken around me. I would currently describe my level of comprehension as 20%, meaning, I understand one in ten words I hear, but I more or less follow the overall meaning of the sentences within their context. 

The passive listening I have been doing is good preparation for learning, but I need to take this to the next level. I resolve to have something serious to report back on in one week's time.

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