Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Every Star Trek Fan Should be Watching "The Orville"!

With Star Trek veteran Brannon Braga as one of its producers, the new sci-fi/comedy/drama series The Orville, airing on Fox, isn't even trying to hide the fact that it is an homage to that more famous franchise. Change "The Union" to "Starfleet" and "Quantum Drive" to "Warp Speed" and tweak the uniforms, and scenes of the show look like Captain Picard and Warf could come around the corner at any moment.

And that is not at all a criticism! I love Star Trek! So why would I not love a show that essentially gives me my fix of that universe?

And, that said, the show, as it were, boldly goes where no Star Trek series has ever gone before--into a delightful combination of true comedy and engaging science fiction drama.  

With Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy) as the creator/writer, it was always, of course, going to be hilarious. But it is also deeply thoughtful at times and additionally includes plenty of legitimately exciting science fiction/space action scenes.

We're only three episodes in, and they have already accomplished significant characterization of the cast that makes me understand their motivations and truly feel their reactions to situations. Fans of STNG will admit that the entire first season was somewhat choppy in that regard.

So, Star Trek fans, if you have not already done so, catch up while you're only a little behind, and enjoy the freshest science fiction show to air on TV since, well, to be honest...Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air...

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