About Keith Massey

I got my PhD in Biblical Hebrew, with a minor in Arabic from
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After 9/11 I went to work for the Top Secret National Security Agency, during which time I was the recipient of the Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal, for service in Iraq in 2004.
I’m the author of Intermediate Arabic for Dummies, by Wiley Publishing. I’ve drawn upon my stint in the world of Intelligence to pen my motivational/productivity book Top Secrets: Lessons for Success from the World of Espionage.
I left the NSA in 2006 to assume the quieter life of a high school Latin teacher. To make the language come alive for my students, I have made a number of cover versions of popular songs translated into Latin, sung and performed by me. My Latin language music video of Adele’s Hello has 120K views!
I’m an Eastern Orthodox priest. I blend my background in espionage as well as my spiritual foundation to produce what I would term “religion-friendly spy novels.” The Andrew Valquist Series features protagonists unwillingly pulled into international intrigue and adventure, and, while my novels are not preachy, they include characters for whom religion is an important aspect of their life and motivations. Imagine a spy on a dangerous undercover mission who still tries to fit Church into his hectic schedule.
Applying some of the skills I learned at the NSA, I have published proposed solutions to a number of historical and linguistic puzzles, ancient and modern. My research on the Shugborough Inscription was featured in the Birmingham Post
I consider it one of my life’s missions to promote understanding through second language acquisition. So I’ve made and offer to you free resources to learn basic Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, and Latin.
Thank you for your time and attention. God bless you.

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