My Music Album - Vivamus, Amemus, Oremus

In 36 seconds I describe my music:

You can click on each link and listen to all my music for free. Downloading them on iTunes, Amazon, etc, or putting them on your Spotify lists would let you listen to them while you are out and about. I hope you enjoy!

Jingle Bells in Latin. This is by far my most popular song, with 156,000 views on Youtube and many downloads and streams. Give it a listen!

She Walks in Beauty Like the Night. This is a soft ballad, with words from a poem by Lord Byron.

Catullus 5. A musical version of what is arguably the most famous love poem of all time!

Veni Veni Emmanuel. The familiar Christian hymn, sung in the original Latin.

Ah Holy Jesus. A beautiful lenten hymn.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today. A triumphant Easter hymn!

Deșteaptă-Te, Române! This is my version of the Romanian national anthem, which I believe is one of the most beautiful songs every written.

Gaudeamus Igitur! The classic scholastic song! Therefore Let Us Rejoice!

Catullus 5 Instrumental. So many people commented that my version of Catullus 5 was just beautiful music, that I added an instrumental version.

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