Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Bard by any other Name...

No English literary figure attracts more attention, controversy, and conspiratorial ranting than William Shakespeare.

In 1998 audiences flocked to the movie Shakespeare in Love, where a somewhat revisionist background was provided for some of the bard's beloved work.

Screenwriter John Orloff put off pursuing his own conspiratorial take on the theme after Shakespeare in Love came out. In the fall of 2011, his concept Anonymous will be released in a film that describes Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford as the actual author of Shakespeare's works.

A number of other possible authors besides the man himself have been proposed through the years. Here is a list of the suggested authors. The reason for questioning the bard's original authorship would seem to lie in the doubt that anyone could rise from obscurity to become a culture's preeminent writer. But history is full of such success stories.

One of the strangest alternate authorship claims for Shakespeare is the claim that the works were actually penned by an Arab Muslim from Basra, Iraq living in Britain named Shaykh Zubayr.

In the final analysis, the works of Shakespeare were penned by a genius who came out of nowhere named William Shakespeare. Conspiracy Theories always abound when the truth is less entertaining than the real world.

Snarla Husayn provides a line of products parodying this fanciful claim.
Any lover of Shakespeare will want one of these if only to celebrate the genius that could provoke such delightful theories.

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