Monday, October 17, 2011

I Need My Eight Hours

Let's recall something we all take for granted today, and for which Unions fought and died to achieve: the eight hour work day.

My native Wisconsin was the scene of a crucial event in the history of the eight hour work day, the Bay View Massacre. In 1886, 14,000 laborers were protesting in Milwaukee on behalf of the eight hour work day when the Wisconsin State Militia fired into the crowd, killing seven people.

Unions were advocating what they termed the  8-8-8 plan.

What was this 8-8-8 plan? The radical idea that we should all enjoy:

Eight Hours of Work
Eight Hours of Sleep
Eight Hours for What you Will

And keep in mind, prior to that the industrialists took time away from the working man's sleep and leisure time to make us all work more hours for unjust wages.

If it weren't for the sacrifice union members made, we would all be working longer hours for even unjust wages. Thank Unions for the dignity we enjoy, even if you aren't a member of one.