Monday, November 21, 2011

Paleo French Fries!

Now, every now and then, you really have a hankering for some carbs. Paleo enthusiasts know that we can't indulge that every day, but when we do, one of the best outlets to that is something derived from the Sweet Potato. The Sweet Potato is highly nutritious, has been consumed by our ancestors for a long time, and has just a little less carbs in it than a white potato.

I don't splurge and eat Sweet Potato every day. For the last week all our meals have been meat and vegetables. But tonight, it was time.

Here's what you do. Skin one Sweet Potato. I sliced it into fries of about one centimeter by five centimeters. I fried them in canola oil with a tablespoon of chicken grease I collected off an organic chicken we cooked on Sunday.

After they were deeply browned and even starting to blacken a bit, I took them out of the oil and dried them on a paper towel.

Here they are. They were gloriously good:

Now, I will be eating some organic stuffing alongside my turkey on Thursday. I'll have to be strict for a few weeks after that. But the great thing about the Paleo Diet is that I know exactly how to go about that. Just don't eat carbs.

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