Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brothers by Different Mothers: the Keith Massey / Todd Lasance Comparison Fully Analyzed

A former colleague of mine from the National Security Agency (NSA), who still works there as an Arabic linguist, wrote me with the most extraordinary of compliments over a recent post I made regarding a possible Julius Caesar spinoff from Spartacus on Starz.

My post had a pic of Australian actor Todd Lasance, who played Julius Caesar. And visible on the screen was also my own pic. She wrote:

"Wait a second, that guy looks just like you!"

And I realized, how right she is!

Let's compare Mr. Lasance and myself, further analyzing our other shocking similarities.

1) We're both devastatingly handsome.

2) We both part our hair to the right.

3) We're both obviously ripped.

4) I teach Latin; Mr. Lasance played the role of Julius Caesar, who spoke Latin.

So, I press forward, trying to break out as a writer of "espionage/adventure/action/romance" themed novels. And I wish you great success, Mr. Lasance, in your career. Our paths will certainly cross at some point. I think you would be perfect for the role of Andrew Valquist, the chief protagonist in my spy novels.

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But while I have you here, can someone please tell me why I didn't make a million dollars on my "Iguanodon Likes This" product line?

Wait, one more thing, then you can go. Why the hell didn't this video of me filming black bears in my backyard go viral. Seriously?