Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Julius Caesar Spinoff from Spartacus?

We're still waiting for definitive word on whether the Starz Network will be spinning off a show about Julius Caesar from Spartacus. 

The casting of Todd Lasance was brilliant. He could certainly pull off a whole series. And the story of Julius Caesar is packed full of adventurous episodes that could easily make three or four seasons of programming.


I include a discussion of Julius Caesar in my
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Julius Caesar is the epitome of Fortuna (Fortune) because he knew that a certain element of luck always exists in life. But Caesar also knew that taking a proactive approach to life would help you increase your chances at success, even though randomness may play an part.

A knowledge of the importance of Fortune/Luck is why, as he was about to cross the Rubicon River, he said the famous words Alea Iacta Est (The Die is Cast). He used a gambling term because, even though life is a game where others may plan unfairly, you can't win if you don't play.

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