Monday, July 8, 2013

Cheers to the Years!

Back in the United States (I write this during my usual Summer in Romania), when we want to drink a beer that celebrates our history, there is no finer choice than a Samuel Adams Lager.

Samuel Adams was a second cousin to our second president, he was a patriot, a statesman, and, yes, he reportedly did make beer.

But the Samuel Adams brand of beer is not made by a company descended
from the efforts of that founding father. It was founded in 1984 by Jim Koch et al. That said, even though I follow the Paleo Diet, when I do go out and want to drink a beer, I always order a Sam Adams.

So, it was with considerable surprise today that I sat in a restaurant in Romania, sipping on a wine from the Recaş (pronounced Recash) Company. I then spied a sign for the brand:

Cramele Recaş - Atestat din 1447
The Recaş Wineries - Attested from 1447

Now, what this really means is that there is a document dated to November 11, 1447 that attests that the Recaş Wineries were purchased and continued in operation under a new management. They had apparently been in operation even before that. 

Even as I write this, I am sipping some more Recaş Wine. It's nice stuff. And it comes from a company that has been attested to be making wine for at least 566 years.

And so, I raise my glass, first to our American Founding Fathers. You brought forth on a new continent something much greater that fine wine. You brought Liberty and a New World Order.

Next, I raise my glass to all you have labored in the fine tradition of wine and beer making for millennia. God bless you all.