Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Lone Ranger: The Critics are Wrong...

I'm in Romania for the summer, but my local theater shows the most current movies, just a week after they are released in the United States.

This week, ending tomorrow, they're showing Disney's The Lone Ranger.

Look, I've read the reviews. One says it's nothing but 2.5 hours of air conditioning. Another describes it as complicated but ultimately satisfactory. But most narrative on this film seems to delight in Disney's failing and possible financial loss on the movie.

I walked into the theater today with a completely open mind. First off, I am always very interested in being entertained. If there's fun to be had, I'm not going to shun it because some reviewer said it wasn't there.

That said, Disney's The Lone Ranger was not all that bad. By which I mean, it wasn't at all as bad as the bad reviews say it was. It wasn't a perfect movie. But I enjoyed the experience quite a lot.  There were gripping action sequences. The chemistry between Hammer and Depp was genuine. The cinematography was simply stunning. There were also large laughs. Anyone interested in being entertained without a pre-conceived agenda to the contrary should succeed. 

I fear this movie was judged against an unfair standard from the start. Most Superhero movies quickly tell how the Superhero became a Superhero and then let us watch him do his work. This movie instead tells a heartfelt story of two men
working through some staggering losses in their lives. The triumphant "Lone Ranger" theme will not come until the very end. When it does, it's glorious all the more because of all we saw the men work through.

I am disappointed that the poor reception of the movie will probably preclude any chance of this duo appearing in a sequel. I should very much have liked to see them ride together again.