Tuesday, July 8, 2014

De gustibus: Eating Crap in Romania...

The Romanian word for carp is, obviously linguistically related to English, crap

When I was a young boy in Wisconsin, we used to go carp fishing all the time. It was great fun because carp can be huge! They put up an awesome fight. By Wisconsin law, you are forbidden to return a caught carp to the water, since they are non-indigenous to North America. 

We caught carp, but we never would have thought of eating a carp.

But the Romanians love crap, as they call it. 

I just took this picture at our local supermarket in Bucharest, Romania. This product is a mixture of crap eggs and sour cream and other things.

Romanians love to eat crap on bread.

They eat crap deep fried, roasted, breaded. They just love to eat crap.

I've never been able to get past the psychological block that we, back in Wisconsin, just never ate crap. And I'm not going to start eating crap here in Romania.

And so, de gustibus, Romanians. Enjoy your crap...