Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Done Reading the Onion Outside the US...

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, the home of The Onion. We would pick up paper copies of it that they would leave all over the University campus. Thankfully, the Internet gave them the worldwide audience their intelligent satire deserves.

Except, I've learned just now, that they've monetized The Onion as a "for-subscription-only" website outside of the United States. I'm in Romania for a month and was reading and laughing along when suddenly, the following pops on my screen. It's hilarious in its own right:

Is this a trial for the day when they make the site "for-subscription-only" in the US as well?

Would I really pay .99 a month to read The Onion?

Well, let's see, I'm a ten dollar a month sustaining member of WNYC, my local public radio channel. 

So, of course I will! 

Make it so, The Onion! Get the money you deserve.

And if I'm to get the money I deserve, maybe you would consider reading a free sample of my novel In Saecula Saeculorum (and then buying the book, of course!)

A reviewer, who signed themselves "Damned" wrote the following five star Amazon review about my novel, a strange rambling piece worthy of The Onion itself:

Great book- managed to be believable with a highly entertaining and completely implausible premise

"I thought this book was going to be super silly the way you expect the fifth or sixth or whatever they're up to Die Hard to be. Instead, I was surprised and refreshed to see that nothing was glossed over and yet it didn't feel like one of those fritty reboots where they take an old sappy superhero, give them *problems* and call it a day. All the deliciously absurd action and adventure was kept intact, the grittiness treated simply and every character had an good amount of development. It was so honest. Although to be honest, my favorite part was the dialogue. Oh, the quips! I won't spoil any but the one liners the characters pull off with such ease will have you in stitches.

Basically, if you've gotten to this book and you're looking through the reviews, just buy it. It costs less than a pack of M&Ms and it is really, really good. My poorly written raving above does not do it justice. And for the record, neither does the free sample available. That's right, it gets even better! It's a quick read that you'll want to read again, immediately. How many kindle books for two or three bucks can you say that about?

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed, a plusplus, would and have recommend/ed, et cetera"