Friday, November 14, 2014

Dr. Massey Makes an Endorsement in the Romanian Presidential Election

I don't have a vote in Sunday's election for the new President of Romania. My wife potentially does, as a joint US-Romanian citizen. She can vote if she goes to the US Consulate in New York City, but she's not doing so.

Other friends of ours here in America, members of the Romanian Diaspora, are traveling Sunday to cast their votes. And they seem overwhelmingly to be leaning toward a certain candidate. And I hereby endorse that candidate.

Klaus Iohannis
I hereby, for what it's worth, endorse Klaus Iohannis for President of Romania.

He is a leaning right centrist, the mayor of the beautiful medieval city of Sibiu. 

His opponent is Victor Ponta, a left leaning centrist, whom I cannot endorse primarily because he plagiarized a significant portion of his doctoral dissertation.
Victor Ponta
Even though the University of Bucharest, which originally awarded him the degree, voted to strip him of it after his academic improprieties were uncovered, the Ministry of Education, controlled by his party, blocked that action.

It comes down to a matter of trust. Romania is at a crucial point in her history. She has, I would argue, progressed under Traian Basescu. But the new President can set Romania on a course of further stability and prosperity.

"Dr Ponta" cheated on his dissertation. What else will he cheat on? He cheated to get his doctorate. You don't think he'd cheat to become President of Romania? You don't think he'd cheat for political expediency again?

Vote Klaus Iohannis on Sunday, my Romanian friends.