Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BOSCH - Must See TV That's Not On TV

As Amazon Prime Subscribers, this weekend we binge watched the new Amazon series Bosch (pronounced with the same vowel as in "gosh").

It's based on the best selling police action-drama novels by Michael Connelly. And since Mr. Connelly is a producing and writing credit for the Amazon series, we may assume he approves of this version of his character.

We had already watched the Golden Globe awarded Amazon series Transparent, and we were expecting to see the same level of award winning quality programming.

It wasn't the same.

It was a quantum leap better.

Don't get me wrong, I adored Transparent. I can't wait for new episodes.

But Bosch was something apart. It was transcendent.

Why is Bosch so good?

1) Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver is downright brilliant in the titular role. Expressive and yet reserved, he brings Harry Bosch to full life. He needs to win best actor next year at the Golden Globes for this role or there is no justice in the Universe.


2) The Writing

The dialogue throughout is just so real. The story advances as much through meaningful conversations as through the intense action scenes so well portrayed. Following some heart-stopping action sequence (and there are many!), never was I disappointed that the scene cut back to Police Headquarters, because I always knew that wickedly clever conversation would ensue.

3) Jason Gedrick

If Jason Gedrick does not win Best Supporting Actor in the Golden Globes, I will be stunned in disbelief. No spoilers coming, but he portrays the principal "bad guy" in the series. And he's just incredible in the role. 


4) Production Quality

If you have not yet watched an original series produced by Amazon or Netflix, dismiss any assumption that you are going to see something less than the quality of what the so-called major networks are churning out. Transparent proved that Amazon is in the production business to compete. Bosch proves they're in it to win.

Again, I am waiting for the second seasons of these amazing Amazon shows.

The only problem with binge watching Amazon shows like Transparent and Bosch is that I have no episodes of Transparent and Bosch to watch right now...