Monday, March 21, 2016

AND IN THE END... The Contest Comes to a Close.
The contest closes tomorrow evening at 11:59 Eastern Time. Even so, this will be the last post I make on the matter.

To say I am surprised by the response would be an understatement.

I did my best. I produced the most accurate, also singable,  Latin translation I knew how.

I made suitable background music. I sang my heart out. 

And I uploaded my video to the contest.

At this posting, the second highest view count on a video in the contest is on my favorite competitor, an acapella group from Panama. They have 994 views. God have mercy on the single hateful person that disliked their soulful, thoughtful, beautiful rendition.

I am grateful to all the support I have gotten. All the shares, the likes, the retweets, all of it has contributed to what my video achieved.

As of this moment, my video has 14,300+ views. 

We proved that Latin is still relevant--that a community of Latin teachers and students can support an entry and make it go viral.

We proved that a Wisconsin boy with a Wisconsin network of friends and family can still make a difference.

We proved that a Crossfit community can make a video achieve greatness.

The results will be announced on March 29.

One last time, if you have not already done so, please watch the video, like it, share it here, share it elsewhere on social media.

We'll see how we do in a week... :)