Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Great Day for Wisconsin!

I love the fact that the USA Today online headline on this story is currently "Villanova Paid the Price for Wisconsin Low Seeding."

It is an acknowledgement that Wisconsin was inappropriately placed at an 8th Seed.

But that's all over. Now Wisconsin will play seeds lower than Villanova for rounds to come.

And even if Wisconsin were to fall in the next game, this year now has a moment for those of us who graduated from that School to cherish. 

But, could this day get any better?

What if Barneveld also today won their Wisconsin State Division Championship today?


By a score of 58-28 the Barneveld Golden Eagles beat the Shullsburg Miners!

My mother and father graduated from Barneveld High School. Even though I was born and raised in Madison, it was always as if it was actually our home town and we were "big city" expats. And I even spent a few months with Barneveld as my official address when I lived at the Massey Homestead in 2002 before leaving Wisconsin to work at the NSA.

And so, congratulations, Badger Basketball (I have three degrees from that school!). Congratulations Barneveld Golden Eagles! 

This win happened in the wake of a tragic loss to a team player. She she rest in peace and may the family receive consolation.

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