Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Latin Language Cover of Adele's "Hello" is nearing 100,000 Views!

UPDATE: It's 6:45PM on Wednesday, 3/22. The view count has reached 99,844! It's going to happen this week!

It happened! On Thursday at 4:30PM it crossed the mark!

Latin language enthusiasts rejoice! The view count on my Latin language cover version of Adele's "Hello" is, at the time of this writing (Sunday, 3/19, 9:00PM), 99,264.

Maybe it will pass the 100,000 mark during this week of March 19 to March 25? I will post an update if it does.

I thank everyone who supported this video. Even though it was slighted in the contest itself (despite receiving more views than all other entries combined), it showed the vitality of the Latin language community.

While this is certainly my most successful video, I have others that are continuing to enjoy relative popularity.

For instance, my music video for my Latin version of "Jingle Bells" currently has 72,542 views.

My video about my mathematical interpretation of the Tartaria Tablets currently has 52,650 views.

I will admit, however, that a significant number of those views may be related to a flame war that went on in the comments section between Romanians and Hungarians!

And I am happy to report that my Latin language Youtube Channel (which hosts my tutorial videos) has received, to date,  241,782 views.

Even so, I am eagerly watching for the Adele video to cross that 100K mark!

Watch and share to help hasten this milestone!

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