Saturday, February 3, 2018

Books by Keith Massey, PhD

Here are my books, a combination of espionage/romance/adventure-adventure fictional novels and non-fiction works on Arabic, theology, and the world of espionage.

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A Place of Brightness

If you love a good cry combined with an exciting Romance-Adventure, explore A Place of Brightness. It’s a story of faith and hope, love and laughter, triumphs and tears. Set in mystical Romania, the novel follows the saga of a family of freedom fighters struggling with the tension between their faith and their war against tyranny under Communism.
Amor Vincit Omnia: an Andrew Valquist Adventure

Why would the NSA employ Latin language linguists? Dr. Andrew Valquist is about to find out.
In this sequel to the novel A Place of Brightness, you follow a new spy into the NSA for his first day on the job. Little does he know that he's hours from flying off on his first overseas assignment. He'll be even more surprised when he learns that his background in ancient Latin will be crucial to the mission!
In Saecula Saeculorum

On page one, you meet a young woman and a young man hopelessly in love with each other, but afraid to reveal their true feelings. It will take a trip back in time on an unexpected mission to save the world before these two dare to voice their love.
Four young people have been unwittingly prepared for a mission back in ancient Rome to retrieve information from a library that may save the modern world from certain destruction. Their beloved Academy was actually a joint NSA/MI-6 Project to get them ready for this adventure.
Next Stop Spanish

Start Speaking Spanish Today!
Learn basic Spanish as you also go on an espionage adventure!
Five Star Amazon Review: "Next Stop Spanish offers both an enjoyable reading experience and a chance to become familiar with a new language."
John Valquist needs to learn Spanish. But he's in luck, since his uncle Andrew is a language expert and former spy. In Next Stop: Spanish, you have the chance to see and study the words John studies, and then watch him add more and more Spanish into his dialogue as the story progresses. In the dramatic conclusion, John will need to put together everything he has learned to save his uncle!

Intermediate Arabic for Dummies

A grammar and workbook for learning Arabic from the beginner through the Intermediate level. The entire book is in Arabic script and transliteration to help you master the language while you are still learning the exquisite writing system. 
Arabic was my Phd minor and I worked for four years as an Arabic linguist at the National Security Agency after 9/11, so I made this book for the second language learner to succeed in learning.
Top Secrets: Lessons for Success from the World of Espionage

Dr. Keith Massey served as an Arabic Linguist inside the Top Secret National Security Agency for four years after 9/11. In this book, he shares lessons learned on his way into that Classified World and also what he discovered once inside it.
Want to know the secret to success? The high-stakes world of espionage can teach you some lessons that will maximize your productivity and motivate you to greater achievements. So set out into that cryptic and classified field and apply spy secrets to your own personal and professional life.
Praying Our Fathers: the Secret Mercies of Ancestral Intercession

Your beloved dead care for you just as much now as when you could embrace them in life. And when your heart aches and the stresses of this life swirl about, you can be connected with them through the precious bond of prayer. This book empowers you with the knowledge of how to draw upon the love that never died from the hearts of the dead.
In this book you will learn that more than three thousand years ago, a man dropped down upon the graves of his ancestors and uttered a simple prayer. It was a prayer of desperation while he was facing a crisis in his life. But the style and type of prayer he offered then faded into near oblivion over time.